Recent Work

Commercial Condo

West End, Boston, MA

When a fourth floor water line burst in a commercial condo building during the early days of the COVID shutdown, it took days before anyone realized it. By the time the leak had been discovered, this second floor condo had been completely destroyed.

The tenant was actively trying to cancel the lease so it was imperative that it be rebuilt within about 60 days – which it was. Thirty of those days were spent waiting on the building department to approve the rebuild which left a tight window for construction.

Residential Condo

Beacon Hill, Boston, MA

Extensive damage originated from a tub overflow in the unit above this condo. Upon demolition of the damaged areas it was discovered that the building did not have the proper footings in place. They had to be repoured and the entire layout of the space had to be reconfigured to meet current building code.

The code update required that an egress window be added to the basement bedroom window. This involved relocating an entire stairwell to the opposite side of the unit.

Multifamily Residential

Salem, MA

A fire on the fourth floor of a residential community completely destroyed the original unit pictured. The sprinklers set off throughout the building which affected about 30 units.

Single Family Residence

Lincoln, MA

The insured was away during winter when the furnace in the home failed leading to many frozen and burst pipes throughout the home. While the entire kitchen had to be rebuilt, we were able to save the solid wood cabinets by bringing them to a local craftsman who refinished all the faces to restore them from the water damage.

Single Family Residence

Nahant, MA

A leak in the roof while the insured was away caused extensive damage throughout the entire home. This project was unique because the insured didn’t want any changes to the existing surround speaker system throughout the home which was installed sometime in the 80’s. There was no way to replace it so some parts had to be rebuilt by an audio specialist which was more difficult than replacing the whole system.

Multifamily Residential

Marlborough, MA

A frozen sprinkler pipe on the 3rd floor of an apartment building caused a loss that affected 23 units 6 of which had displaced tenants. The loss had major impacts to common hallways and stairwells so all tenants in the building were affected.

A project like this requires extensive communication and flexibility with all tenants. It is important to work around each tenant’s individual schedule with a focus on expediting tenants staying in hotels to minimize any hotel charges. From the date the permit was issued it took about 5 weeks to complete the project. Luckily our amazing team was up to the challenge.

Restaurant PROJECT

Hingham, MA

The simplicity of these before and after photos doesn’t do justice to the complexity of the project. This was a restaurant with complex finishes and required the organization of 10 different subtrades including, but not limited to, movers, flooring installers, framers, electricians, and commercial glass to complete the project.

There was a large staff that had to be kept on payroll during the shutdown so time was of the essence. We were able to keep the time the restaurant had to close down to about 3 weeks thanks to our amazing team!