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We are a licensed Property Damage Reconstruction Contractor. Home or business, there’s no job too big or too small.

Residential Property Damage Reconstruction Contractor

Multi-Family Property Damage Reconstruction Contractor

Commercial Property Damage Reconstruction Contractor

Residential Property Damage Reconstruction CONTRACTOR

Dealing with unexpected property damage to your home is incredibly overwhelming, especially if you have to relocate while the repairs are completed. Our skilled teams work tirelessly to get you back home as quickly as possible.

We employ skilled tradesmen who are dedicated solely to the intricacies of residential construction. Our crews are refined to work in occupied and furnished residences as well as partially finished homes. This means we take extreme care to contain and protect areas of your home that are not involved in the loss.

The specialized nature of what we do means we are uniquely qualified to evaluate all parts of your home involved in a loss. We can recreate custom cabinets & millwork, rebuild custom spiral staircases, navigate complex plumbing, electrical or other structural code upgrades and quickly discern some of the toughest flooring finishes among much more!

“I highly recommend Hamel Company for their prompt response, great consistent communication and excellent work! They were professional, respectful, and highly skilled.

They removed my flooring, repaired the walls (including a messy cork wall!), arranged for all of my furniture to be packed, moved, stored, and brought back; they painted the ceilings, walls, doors, and trim throughout my condo and installed laminate flooring.

They were done the entire job in just over a week (Thanksgiving week, no less), and did a nice job cleaning up once they were done. They went above and beyond to get the flooring I wanted and worked closely with the insurance company on the estimate. They were great!”

- Kathy P.

Multi-Family Property Damage Reconstruction CONTRACTOR

Unexpected damage to tenant-occupied housing in multi-family buildings can be a tremendous headache for on-site property managers and displaced tenants. We specialize in repairing high-occupancy, multi-family complexes and high rises.

If one resident or hundreds are displaced, our team of project managers and crews restore tenant and common spaces quickly and efficiently to drastically reduce incidental hotel costs and unit downtime.

As a repair-only contractor with extensive experience in high-end, furnished residences, our crews delicately work around tenant contents and schedules. With decades of experience, BuildBak® has been an insurance damage repair contractor of choice for many of Boston’s largest property management firms.

"Our building had a leak on the top floor of our brownstone, and within a couple of hours, the leak permeated throughout the entire building, affecting 4 different units within our Association. Ed Hamel himself arrived the next day to inspect the damage, and he put us all at ease, offering us an incredibly detailed estimate within 48 hrs, and being open and honest about what could be repaired vs replaced.

Ed Hamel is a true professional, and runs a fine tuned operation focused on transparency and relentless customer service. He was personable and easy to talk to, and he treated all unit owners with the utmost respect and understanding. His crew did a fantastic job restoring our units to their original condition, and they worked seamlessly with our insurance adjuster. I feel so strongly about this experience, that today I submitted my very first Yelp review!! Hamel comes highly recommended!"

- Albert C.

Commercial Property Damage Reconstruction CONTRACTOR

Closing your business due to property damage costs you — from lost revenue, to employee downtime, to missed opportunities. We know how critical it is to get back to work.

Our teams work diligently to expedite your repairs. With decades of experience in commercial reconstruction, we know how to navigate the complexities of commercial property damage insurance claims to avoid unexpected delays along the way.

"Matt Hamel runs his business with expertise and high ethical standards. He puts his clients and their needs first and will always give an honest assessment of the job. His pricing is fair and his work and work ethic are of the highest caliber. I do not hesitate to recommend and refer him and his company!"

- Rose Ellen M.

BuildBak Expert Opinion

BuildBak is trusted in the restoration industry for reconstruction by claims professionals. That’s why insurance companies come to BuidkBak to seek advise on how to deal with rebuilding the most complex claims. When we give an Expert Opinion we stand behind it and can follow through to produce the scope of work we put forward.

With decades of experience, we understand the many complexities associated with reconstruction projects (compared to new construction, remodels or additions).

Our insurance partners trust us to document claims thoroughly and correctly, and plan more effectively to ensure repairs are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal supplements along the way.

"I run a restoration company for water and fire damage as well as mold remediation. We do not do the rebuild work and have for over 4 years looked to partner with a reputable company that we can be confident in recommending to our clients.

We have found it in Hamel Company. Matt really goes above and beyond and the feedback from our clients has been nothing less than spectacular. Custom handles on recessed hutches, Specialty lighting for commercial properties. No matter what we have thrown at him he has been able to come through and really shine for our clients. Thank you and look forward to the continued partnership."

- Ben C.